3 ways To Check WhatsApp Call History

3 Ways to Check WhatsApp Call History

There are a few different ways to check your WhatsApp call history, but none of them is 100% secure. You should only use the most safe and reliable method if you’re certain you’re getting the correct information. These methods include iToolab RecoverGo, mSpy, and KidsGuard. But if you’re concerned about the privacy of your calls, you can use the above methods to get the information you need.


mSpy is a powerful app that enables you to track WhatsApp conversations and other activities. It allows you to view all sent and received media and web browser history. It has the ability to view WhatsApp conversations in real time and can help you get the truth. But before you install it on your phone, you should know what it can do. Here’s how it works. First, you need to disabling PlayProtect and Scan apps on your phone. After that, you need to open mSpy’s mobile browser and choose the ‘allow from this source’ option. Once you’ve done this, mSpy can start recording.

Secondly, mSpy’s Call Tracker app works with a variety of phones. It supports almost every Android and iPhone model. The app is compatible with Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google Nexus, Lenovo, and many more. If you have an iPhone, you’ll be able to spy on its call history. And once you’ve installed it, you can view all incoming and outgoing messages.

mSpy is another option for monitoring WhatsApp conversations. Unlike other apps, it is not available in the app store. It’s not available on every platform. You’ll need to manually install it. The yearly plan is more affordable, but you have to pay for three different packages. The best deal is the one that covers everything. But you’ll need to decide which plan best suits your needs.

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iToolab RecoverGo

Using iToolab RecoverGo to recover deleted WhatsApp call history is an easy, yet effective way to restore data that was deleted accidentally. This tool will also restore your phone’s contacts, text messages, and other files. Using this app is completely safe and does not require any expertise. You can even check your WhatsApp call history without rooting your device. After installing iToolab RecoverGo, you can scan your phone to check if any of your contacts have left messages or have deleted WhatsApp messages.

After iToolab RecoverGo downloads the latest version of the app, install it on your computer and run it to scan your phone for deleted data. It will scan through all your files and restore them in three easy steps. If you have multiple WhatsApp accounts, you can also use RecoverGo to access the chat history on each device. The software can recover data from both local and cloud storage.

iToolab RecoverGo is a great tool for recovering deleted data from any Android device. It supports more than 6000 Android devices and is compatible with almost all types of files, including WhatsApp call history. It also recovers deleted data from a broken iPhone, which is especially useful if the phone’s battery is drained. The app’s comprehensive database lets you recover deleted data from various scenarios, including accidental deletion or application failure.


There are many different ways to monitor someone’s WhatsApp. It is not illegal in most countries to spy on someone’s phone, but you should only do this in special cases, such as supervising a child or employee during working hours, or if you need evidence to prove a crime. KidsGuard for WhatsApp is one such application. It works with both Android and iOS devices. Unlike other monitoring applications, KidsGuard does not require rooting the target device.

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If you want to check the history of your child’s WhatsApp messages, you can use the search bar. This works with an exact name search, so you can get the exact results you need. Another way to check the call history is the Capture Screenshots feature. With this feature, you can record screenshots from any app on the target phone without alerting the user. However, you should note that this feature only works with unlocked devices.

Another way to monitor a child’s phone activity is to use the GPS tracking feature. You can then check your spouse’s schedule and surprise them in the middle of an appointment. You can even sort the data by date, month, or year to get an idea of their whereabouts. The KidsGuard Pro also lets you view and save data. Once you’ve set up your account, you can check and export data at anytime.

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