*#*#4636#*#* is used for Android Phone

How to Use the Secret Code on Your Android Phone

Android devices use a secret code called *#*#4636#* to access the settings. This code allows you to view all the device information as well as usage statistics. The phone information will tell you about your phone’s hardware and connectivity, while the usage information will keep a log of the applications you have opened. It also allows you to find out the battery’s level and other details.

Secret code

The secret code is a security feature that is installed on Android phones to enable the users to check their usage statistics and Wi-Fi information. The code will also let the users know if their device’s firmware was changed. If the user finds that the firmware has been modified, he can easily restore the original firmware to get important details about the device. The code will also restore the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and hardware information. The software also has the ability to restore the manufacturing date and the phone model.

The secret code for Android mobile phones starts with “*#” and can be used to perform certain tasks and verify various information. It is not universal; some secret codes are for specific manufacturers, while others can wipe your phone completely. But despite being useful to advanced users, these codes are not very useful to the average smartphone user. That’s why we are going to create a comprehensive list of these codes for Android devices.

Basic troubleshooting

The *#*#4636#*# code is a shortcut that you can use to get information about your phone. This code will show you important information about your phone, including the charging status, charge level, and power source. It will also tell you how many times you have used an app. The following guide will show you how to use this code to get the information you need.

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Call forwarding status

If you are in the middle of an important call and cannot pick up the phone, you can use call forwarding. This feature sends the caller a message to a different phone number or forwards the call automatically. But the catch is that it only works when you’re actually talking. It’s important to know how to change the status of your call forwarding. This article will discuss a few different options. Let’s start with Automatic Call Forwarding.

The first step is to call your carrier’s customer service to check your call forwarding status. You can do this by pressing the *74 number on your phone. Next, type in the destination number. For example, you might enter “1” and then “2.” Make sure that the area code matches the number you’ve entered. Once that’s done, press the “Send” button to send the call. Once that’s complete, listen for two tones, which confirm the call forwarding status. Finally, press the “End” button to stop calling the phone.

Battery information

If your phone doesn’t respond to a call and the battery indicator is flashing, then you may want to check out the Android hardware test code. This code is hidden in the dialer of your phone. Once you enter it, you’ll see four sub-menus on your screen. These sub-menus include battery information, usage statistics, and Wi-Fi facility information. Listed below are the steps you need to take to find out your battery information.

Dialing this code on your Android phone will reveal hidden troubleshooting menus. Once you’re there, you can check out the battery information and the temperature of your phone. You can also view the other Android codes, including hidden diagnostics. If you’re wondering which one to use, read on! Once you know the right code, you’ll be able to access the settings menu of your phone.

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