movie house coleraine

The Movie House in Coleraine

The Movie House Coleraine offers a variety of features that make watching movies easier. The theater is wheelchair accessible and offers special monthly events such as Autism Friendly Family screenings. The venue will soon install audio description, which will allow blind people to follow along with the audio track. Other people in the cinema will not hear this feature, so it is ideal for visually impaired people. There are also subtitled Mondays and gift cards available for purchase.


Screens at Movie House Coleraine are fully wheelchair accessible and run monthly family screenings with a focus on autism. The movie house also has plans to install audio description, which will let blind people follow a narrated sound track. However, this technology will not be heard by other audience members.


The Movie House Coleraine has been designed to be fully accessible for people with mobility issues. It is also fully wheelchair accessible and hosts regular screenings for the Autism Friendly Family. In addition, audio description is soon to be installed so that blind people can follow the audio track without being able to hear the other audience members.

An accessible cinema can make a big difference to the lives of disabled customers, as it helps them feel more included in society. It is also important that it offers accessible shows at times that are convenient and sociable for disabled people. This is because most people work or go to school during the day.

The YourLocalCinema team has spent over two decades building a positive reputation for the service. Their work is being recognized by a number of organizations, including the BBC. Their data has been used in press releases, news reports, speeches, and social media.

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Subtitled Mondays

Many cinemas in the UK have subtitled screenings. Some offer captions on one or two films per week, while others offer subtitles on all films on Mondays. For example, Moviehouse Coleraine, NI, subtitles eight movies a week, or 25 shows per month, and the cinema often has nine or more captioned shows on a Monday.

The cinema is fully wheelchair accessible, and holds regular screenings for children and families with disabilities. It also offers a monthly Autism Friendly Family program. Most importantly, the cinema is planning to install audio description in the future, which will allow visually impaired people to follow a narrated sound track without having to rely on subtitles.

Gift cards

If you’re looking for a fun gift to give to someone on your list, Movie House Cinemas gift cards are a great choice. These gift cards can be used for movie tickets, 3D glasses, snacks and events. You can purchase these gift cards from the box office or print them at home.

The gift cards are available at Jet Centre and Movie House Coleraine. Each gift card comes with a coordinating gift card wallet. The gift card is valid for all Jet Centre attractions and Movie House cinemas. Unfortunately, you cannot exchange your Movie House gift card for cash or a refund. Also, you cannot transfer it to another person.

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