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NetZero, Hike, Gigato, and Hike Are Some of the Best Free Internet Providers

If you’re looking for a free internet app to connect to the web, NetZero might be the right choice for you. With no long-term commitments and no contract, NetZero’s free internet plan offers flexibility and convenience. You can use your own device or purchase a NetZero device, and you’re free to cancel anytime.


The NetZero free internet app has several features that you will enjoy. You can use it to find a job, surf the web, read blogs, and enjoy social networking. The app also has a built-in Google search box. Additionally, it includes a NetZero toolbar, My NetZero Start Page, and a NetZero Message Center.

Currently, NetZero is available in most areas of the US, although it may not be available in your area. Check your zip code on the NetZero website to see if you’re eligible. Depending on your location, the speeds and plans may differ. If you live in an area that lacks 4G service, you can still use the NetZero free internet app.

Once you’ve installed the NetZero free internet app, you can access it from any computer that has an Internet connection. The free version allows you to add up to 10 remote PCs. NetZero’s service is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 32-bit versions of Windows.


NetZero is suing Juno Online Services Inc. for patent infringement, alleging that Juno’s free internet app violates its patent. The two companies provide free internet access with a separate window containing advertising and Web navigation buttons. Both companies deny the accusations.

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Juno is a national chain that offers free internet service. It offers ten hours of free service a month, no contract, and multiple email addresses. However, you must have a phone line and a modem to access the free service. This is similar to AOL, with the only difference being that Juno limits users to 10 hours of free access per month.

Juno’s subscriber base topped seven million in 1999, but dropped to just 3.4 million by late 2000. At the time, it was the third largest dial-up ISP behind EarthLink and America Online.


Gigato is one of the best apps that offer free internet to users. Users can download the app from Google play and enjoy data benefits without having to pay a single cent. The app also lets users know which apps they can download for free and reward them with data benefits. Users can redeem their free data benefits to their mobile phones. The Gigato app has several partners that run special offers and give away free data to users. Currently, the service is available only on Android OS and prepaid mobile phones. The app has close to 100,000 downloads. It claims to have returned over 150GB of data to users on peak days.

The Gigato app does not restrict users to a specific operator and is therefore not in violation of Net neutrality in India. The data is credited to a user’s account and can be used anywhere. The app has plans to expand to other countries but is initially focusing on developing countries.

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Hike Messanger

Hike is India’s second largest messaging app and recently doubled its user base from 35 million to 70 million. Hike’s founder and CEO, Kavin Bharti Mittal, recently announced that the messaging app will now offer a “Hike Direct” feature which will allow users to chat with other Hike users within a 100-meter radius, without the need for an internet connection. Hike Direct will even let users share files with others without the need for internet.

The app is free and can be installed on all Hike smartphones. It requires a preloaded version of Android. Two of the companies that will be launching the app are Intex and Karbonn. Both companies plan to launch their smartphones on March 1, starting from about Rs. 3,000 (about $45).

Other free internet providers

There are other free internet providers other than your local cable company. Some providers are national, but the majority are local. They all strive to provide the best free service possible. The government is doing its part, too. It has signed deals with local internet providers to make internet access free for tens of millions of Americans. These programs are designed to help low-income families connect to the internet without having to pay for service. This program is called the Broadband Opportunity Fund.

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