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How to Activate the Telenor Free Internet App

The Telenor free internet application can be downloaded from the Telenor web portal. Once you have downloaded the app, activate it by logging in to your Telenor account. Once you’ve activated the application, you’ll be able to use unlimited internet on your device. You can also download a Facebook data pack or unlimited WhatsApp data. But what happens if you don’t have a Telenor account? If you haven’t activated the application yet, don’t worry. The steps below will help you get started.

Ussd code

If you are a Telenor customer, then you are in luck. Telenor is giving away free internet for a month. All you have to do is text “1” to 771368 and you’ll get up to 8GB of free internet and 2000MB of WhatsArr. This is a very good deal, but you should act fast because the offer is only valid for a limited time!

To enjoy this service, you need a valid Telenor mobile plan. The Telenor free internet code is a USSD code that will allow you to browse the web for free for a month. It only works for social media sites, so you have to pay for them otherwise. If you don’t want to spend money, you can use the Telenor free internet code to check your remaining credit.

Facebook data

You can get unlimited Facebook data from Telenor by downloading the MyTelenor app. This application allows you to use up to 10GB for seven days. There are also two packages that offer a weekly and monthly validity. The first one is for a week, and the second one provides you with free data for seven days. In both packages, you can use Facebook data to watch videos and download photos and posts.

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Facebook’s free internet app for mobile users is a way to encourage them to stay connected. By offering unlimited data plans, Facebook helps companies transition customers from prepaid services to monthly plans. The phone companies call these plans “loans” and consider it a way to increase usage. The deal is only partially successful, however. While it’s a great marketing move, it also costs the company millions.

Unlimited WhatsApp data

If you’re a Telenor customer, you can download WhatsApp for free and use it with unlimited data. Simply subscribe to the Telenor free internet offer by dialing *655# and following the instructions. This will give you access to two gigabytes of data each month. Once you’ve used up all your free data, dial *999# to see your remaining balance and confirm your subscription.

The offer is valid for one month and requires a Telenor SIM to activate. To activate, text “1” to 771368. You should receive a bonus of 3000 megabytes of data on your device. You can also text “FREE” to the shortcode 2222 to get the free offer. You can expect to receive this bonus on your mobile phone the same day that you use the code.

Facebook minutes

If you want to have unlimited Facebook minutes and data, there are several ways to do so. You can either subscribe to the Data Add-on Bundle, which gives you 15,000 MBs of data for a week, or purchase a Data Pack. You can then use this data to upload photos, download videos, and more. In addition, Telenor also offers special packages aimed at sports fans, such as the 6-to-6 offer.

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In a recent campaign, Telenor zero-rated Facebook to all its subscribers, resulting in a significant spike in Internet usage. The campaign also allowed Telenor to expand their subscriber base, with 90-day active Internet users increasing from 17% to 22% of the company’s subscriber base. It also helped the company to increase the number of core subscribers on its network, while reducing churn. Furthermore, most of the Free Facebook subscribers continued to buy data on the Telenor network.

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