top 10 government colleges in Karachi

Top 10 Government Colleges in Karachi

Fazaia Inter College Karachi provides intermediate courses and is renowned for its supportive and motivated faculty. Established in the year 1979, this government college aims to create talented and intellectually developed students and train them to become disciplined human beings.

The college is among the top 10 government colleges in Karachi and is famous for providing brilliant education at an affordable price. The following are some of its best features:

RLAK Government College of Home Economics

RLAK Government College of Home Economics is a landmark educational institution in Karachi. The college offers several technical and specialized courses. Its focus is on training professionals who can serve the community.

Its facilities are extensive and the college is situated on 24 acres of land. RLAK provides excellent academics, well-equipped laboratories, and well-maintained buildings.

The college was established in 1955 and started offering undergraduate and masters level courses in 1961. The college became nationalized in 1972. Upon completion of the matriculation, students enroll in the BS part 1 and part II program.

They will take various science subjects and introductory home economics courses. During their third-year, they will select a major area to focus their studies. In addition to major subjects, BS part II students are offered two papers.

Adamjee Government Science College

Located in the Garden East neighborhood of Karachi, Adamjee Government Science College is considered one of the best public colleges in the country. It offers top-notch facilities and a highly experienced teaching faculty.

The college has produced many talented individuals since its inception. It is one of the top 10 government colleges in Karachi for students seeking a quality education. However, it requires the highest percentage to get admission.

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The college was established in 1887. It is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi University. It has a well-established reputation in the education industry and is known for its co-curricular activities.

It is one of the top 10 government colleges in Karachi for science. The college has a population of approximately 1100 students. The college is one of the oldest colleges in the city.

Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karachi

Founded in 1995, the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School offers an excellent education and a balanced blend of intellectual, athletic, and extracurricular activities. Students can enjoy a full range of activities including art, music, and sports.

Founded by the Aga Khan Foundation, the school has been consistently ranked among the top ten government colleges in Karachi. The school aims to develop each student’s academic curiosity while also cultivating their social awareness.

The Adamjee College is located in Garden East and has been ranked as the best government college in Karachi for 2019. The school announces admissions through newspapers and on their official website.

You can also view their brochure to learn more about admissions. This institution is very selective and only accepts students on merit. You will have to face an aptitude test and a personal interview to gain admission.

Government National College

The college has a well-deserved reputation of producing quality education and has a good reputation amongst students. It is one of the best government colleges in the middle class in Karachi and offers top-notch computer science training and education.

Government National College has a reputation for producing top board examination results in recent years. It also has all the current capacities and is very easy to get approval for registration.

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Another great college for girls is the Government Girls Degree College. This college is located in Garden West Karachi and has a reputation for producing high-quality education. It is one of the top government colleges for women in the country and has excellent board results.

It also provides classes to students from commerce and science groups. The college is affiliated with the University of Karachi and has two core teaching institutes.

Commecs College

Located in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, COMMECS college offers all the amenities required for higher studies. Its campus is purpose-built, covers 53,396 square feet, and has computer labs and audio-visual facilities.

COMMECS also offers a sports field, gymnasium, and auditorium. Students at this college can participate in local and national competitions.

Aside from offering excellent facilities, Commecs College is also home to some of the best teachers in the city. The principal is a member of Sigma Xi and a fellow of the college, and students are offered tips for improving their grades and pursuing higher goals.

Aside from providing a conducive environment for study, the college also provides career counseling and guidance to all students.

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