Top 9 Best Schools In Karachi with Fee Structure

Top 9 Best Schools In Karachi With Fee Structure

There are a number of top schools in Karachi, but which ones are the best? In this article, we’ll look at Dawood Public School, Foundation Public School, St. Joseph’s Convent School, St. Patrick’s High School, and others. If you’re looking for the best schools in Karachi for your child, keep reading. These schools are known for their top-quality education and are highly regarded in the city.

Dawood Public School

Dawood Public School is a prestigious private institution in Karachi, Pakistan. It offers O and A level education to over 1500 girls. The school was founded in 1983 as a mission to promote education in Pakistan. Students at the school enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities. The school is a CIE-accredited institution and has a diverse fee structure. Classes are offered during the following times. The school may change their schedule from time to time.

The Lyceum School is a well-established institution that trains students to play significant roles in society. Its academics are based on the Cambridge Educational system CAIE. Students here learn English, Mathematics, and Science. The school also holds debating competitions and sports. Lyceum School is a leading English medium school in Karachi. The school has a reputation for providing a broad range of extracurricular activities outside the classroom.

Foundation Public School

Founded in 1949, Happy Home School offers a unique blend of theory and practical education to its students. Teachers at this school focus on the initial development of students and help them achieve academic and knowledge development through the O-A degree program. The school offers education for preschool to matric, with classes available both in the morning and afternoon. The school is accredited by the University of Cambridge, U.K.

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Foundation Public School has nine campuses in Karachi and Hyderabad, which cater to children from three to eighteen years of age. It offers an exemplary curriculum that is balanced by co-curricular activities and academic excellence. Students are encouraged to take part in sports and participate in a variety of competitions. The school is committed to holistic development, including classes in Digital Learning. Students in Grade 9 take up a range of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. Students can also take a choice of pre-medical and engineering-oriented courses, and take O-Level exams in Grade 10.

St. Joseph’s Convent School

St. Joseph’s Convent School is an English medium, Roman Catholic school in the heart of Karachi. It was founded in 1918 and is one of the oldest institutions in the Sindh Province. It was the first school in the city to offer tuition for girls, and it continues to be a top choice for girls who want to continue their education. Students can enroll in the school’s morning or afternoon classes. The school follows the Cambridge system of education and has two sections – primary and secondary.

Admission in the school is competitive, but not difficult. It offers admission in a range of classes, including KG, pre-primary and elementary. The school is run by a Belgian congregation, and it’s well known throughout the region for its high-quality education. Students can study in different classes, and teachers are well-qualified. The school is known for its good teaching facilities, and many parents have had their children attend the school.

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St. Patrick’s High School

This is one of the oldest schools in Karachi and its academic standard is up there with the best private schools in the city. It has a quota system, which means that only those students who score high marks in the entrance test will be admitted to the school. You can also find out about the fee structure at the school’s official website. If you have any queries, please feel free to comment in the section provided below.

St. Patrick’s High School is one of the oldest roman-catholic educational institutes in Karachi. It serves students from pre-school to A-Levels. The school has produced many famous politicians, educators, and leaders. Students can expect a quality education at this school, which focuses on scholastic excellence, creativity, and athletic brilliance.

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