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Zong Free Internet App For Android

The Zong free internet app can be downloaded for Android devices. This application offers free internet for prepaid SIM cards with Zong mobile network. As a reward, users get rewards when they use the app. To get this free internet offer, users must enroll in the Zong mailing list. This allows them to receive news about company partners and product upgrades. They can also receive promotional codes which are valid for a limited time period. These codes expire after three days.

Zong offers free internet on prepaid SIM cards

Zong offers free internet on prepaid SIMs for the first seven days of subscription. The free internet can be accessed by dialing *10# after activating the SIM. The bonus data is good for surfing the internet, watching videos on YouTube, accessing Facebook and chatting on WhatsApp. The bonus data can be used on any sim in the same manner as a normal data package, so the first time you activate a Zong SIM, you get a free 7-day on-net pack.

You can get up to 80GB of free internet data if you use Zong’s new sim for 15 days. You can subscribe for this offer by dialing *10#. The code expires after the 15-day period. There are other ways to get free internet on a prepaid SIM card from Zong. You can also use the Zong official app to get your daily allowance of free data. Using Zong official app will ensure that you never lose your connection.

Users can get rewards

If you’re a Zong customer, you may want to check out the Zong free internet app. By using it, you can get up to 4GB of free internet each month. It is also possible to earn rewards by joining a Zong mailing list. This will give you notices about updates to Zong’s products and company partnerships. You can also get free internet minutes by signing up for the Zong newsletter. However, keep in mind that promotional codes have a limited expiration date, so you need to sign up for Zong’s mailing list immediately to take advantage of the rewards.

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First, register a new phone number with Zong to get your free data. It is worth remembering that the data provided by Zong is valid for three days, so you should use it within that period. If you have a screen recording application installed, you can use it to share videos on the Zong app. You can even watch movies on Zong and save the videos automatically. You can also earn rewards with Zong free internet app.

The app is available on Android

The Zong free internet app for Android has several advantages over regular internet access. It gives you a free quota of 500MB of data for three days. You can browse the internet and use the data to chat with your friends or watch YouTube movies. The Zong app also lets you access Facebook and download music. The app also allows you to watch videos in high resolution. You can even record videos with high resolution and send them via text message.

Another advantage of using the Zong app for Android is its Proxy service, which allows you to access millions of websites. Besides browsing the web, this app also allows you to use Zong’s IM and web-based email services. So, you can check your email and IM accounts even when you’re offline. You can use this app to connect to a Zong office in your local area.

It works with a VPN

If you have a Zong free internet package, you should check out the VPN feature. This feature enables users to browse the web faster and even watch live streaming videos on Youtube. This feature also gives users the freedom to browse the internet anonymously. With this feature, you can also use the internet for social networking purposes, such as checking out Facebook and Twitter. This VPN app works with a wide range of devices, including Android phones and tablets.

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You can activate the free browsing feature by getting a free browsing code. These codes are not available easily, but they can be obtained. You should install the Zong free internet app on your device, as well as install the VPN. This way, you can connect to the internet without worrying about paying anything. You will get up to 4GB of data for free per day, and you will also get daily free MBs.

It grants access to Facebook

The Zong free internet app is an application that allows you to use Facebook for up to two weeks without spending a single penny. It also allows you to send unlimited SMS messages and browse Facebook while on a 2G or 3G network. You can also send friend requests and post status updates on the social media website. The only difference is that this app does not allow you to view pictures and videos. To get started, you will need to activate the free internet mode on your Zong device.

To activate the free internet app on your Zong phone, you must first deactivate your sim card. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be prompted to activate the Zong Facebook application on your phone. After activating the application, you’ll receive a total of 6000 Zong minutes and 6000 SMS. You’ll also get 4000 MB of free 4G data. Once you activate the free internet application, you’ll receive more free Zong data.

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